– USPS Customer Opinion Survey 2021 postal survey customer survey which is found at is an online questionnaire that has been designed by us postal service to help the company understand that how happy their customer is. It is a program wherein the customers can give their individual valuable feedback. Pos

The information provided by the customer matters to the company as through the survey the company will be able to see and make all kinds of improvements. Even the survey is done for the convenience of their customers so that they can take the survey according to their personal free time.

USPS Postal Experience Survey can also be taken as a chance by customers who have some sort of grievances with regards to the service that they have received from the United States Postal Service. Leaving feedback by the customer is important for both the customer and as well as the company.

The company relies on the feedback that the customer provides them so they can decide what needs to be changed to make experiences better for their loyal customers. It also tells the company that what works well so they don’t need to focus on those as much. The user responses are important to help U.S. Postal Service improve services in the user’s area.

About US Postal Service

As an official government agency, The United States Postal Service is less than 50 years old serving its customers. It has been around in one form or another for the last two centuries, though.

Over 600,000 people are working for the Postal Service. Plus, the company has a fleet of 200,000 vehicles, and many thousands of facilities fall under the control of USPS today. The Postal Service has been tasked with delivering the mail to several Americans across the country. Millions of letters and packages go through the agency’s hands every single day.

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The number of Americans depends upon the postal service for mail delivery. But still these days the USPS faces competition from the other parcel carriers.

US Postal service Survey Reward

The company acknowledges the time spent by the user for taking out the time of their busy schedule and filling the survey. As a thank you for using part in USPS Customer Opinion Survey, the user gets a prospect to get a USPS coupon code to get enter a sweepstake on his next visit.

US postal service customer Terms & Conditions

  • There are many rules and regulations listed that the user has to accept if they want to take part in this USPS Guest Feedback Survey,
  • The participant who is participating in the survey should be a legal resident of the US.
  • The user must have a basic understanding of English or Spanish language.
  • The user needs to attain the age of 18 years or more.
  • There is a Limit to one offer per household in the survey
  • There is No cash alternative is available in the survey.
  • The Coupons must be used alone in the survey.
  • The Employees and their immediate families are not eligible in the survey.
  • A laptop, computer, or mobile phone with a net connection is needed.
  • The user needs to have their USPS receipt while taking part in the online survey.
  • The workers working at USPS and their immediate family members or agents are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • The user needs an Email-id is required to get a discount offer of purchase.
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How To Take US postal Survey?

Here are the steps listed for taking us postal survey

  • First things first the user needs to visit the official USPS Guest Survey website at
  • Next, the user needs to select the preferred language.
  • Next, the user needs to click on NEXT.
  • Next, the user needs to enter the USPS Zip code found on their receipt.
  • Then click on the NEXT.
  • Next, the user will find a bunch of interrogations related to their last experience at USPS.
  • Next, the user needs to answer all the survey questions genuinely on the scale from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • Next, The questions are concerning the user’s visit and order, the team’s treating nature, client management, air, and services, USPS Price, USPS Locations, USPS  Hours, USPS Service, USPS  Delivery, etc.
  • Now, next the user needs to give their individual data like your name, address, contact number, email address.
  • Next, Upon the end of the survey, the user will be given a validation code to redeem their receipt.

Contact Details Of USPS

usps customer experience survey 2021

The user can contact the customer care service team of USPS in the following ways:

  • USPS Customer Service Number: 1-800-275-8777.
  • USPS tracking phone number: 1-800-222-1811.
  • TDD/TYY Relay number: 1-800-877-8339.
  • USPS Email: [email protected]


Postal experience is the Customer Experience Survey from United States Postal Service is available at

The USPS has designed this service to allow its loyal customers to share their experience with their service.

It helps U.S. postal service to understand how happy the customers are with the services that are currently being provided. This survey helps USPS to improve its services so that in the future, the customer can have a better experience.

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If the user has recently had any experience with USPS, then they have a great chance of leaving their feedback using the  survey and help the company improve its services. The input received through the survey is essential to the company and enhances its atmosphere, products & services.

The survey helps the users to have their own voice heard and tell USPS what the user thinks, what went wrong, or what it is doing right, they are ensuring the safety of every letter every package, and every item that a user sends or receive.

The user must take a few moments out of the day to let the Post The office knows their opinions and experiences at their local post office. The USPS greatly appreciate the time and thoughts communicated by the user.


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